About Us

About Where the Wild Bricks Go:

Adult Fans of Lego (AFOLs) based in Brisbane, Australia. We make things out of genuine LEGO bricks and parts, things you can wear. They make us happy and I hope they make their future owner happy too!

Custom orders are always welcome and something we do regularly. There are such an incredible variety of bricks, colours, combinations, and mini figures out there - so if you want to try a combination of certain things, have us create a wearable object such as a brooch, or want to make a large custom order, please let us know.

We have supplied people for all types of special, fun, and even serious occasions, and yes, you can wear one of our classy earrings to suit business wear, our hairclips in your hair at school, or cufflinks at a wedding!

The range of our items changes frequently according to material availability, but also depending on customer popularity. We post new styles as we make them, and sometimes will showcase them in Instagram, so be sure to follow us there for updates, sale notifications, promotions, and fun!

We recognise the iconic favourites of the ultimate construction toy itself with references to classic figure heads, classic themes such as space, medieval, town, and pirates, and other nostalgic pieces.

The bulk of our range are simple bricks and other parts made into earrings, brooches, hairclips, cufflinks, and necklaces, but we include a range of wearable pop culture icons including characters, animals, items, and symbols that feature in worlds such as:

Doctor Who - Star Wars - Harry Potter/Wizarding World - Jurassic Park/World - DC - Marvel - Disney - Minecraft. (see 1. below)

We began with a very simple store on another platform two years ago, and with our first SE Queensland market stall appearances last year. We recognise that a large amount of our online clientele are nowhere near this region and are spread all over Australia and the world, so as this year progresses we intend to build our online range to a much more significant variety than you may have seen on our former site.

Your feedback and ongoing support is highly appreciated, so feel free to drop us a line or an Instagram/Facebook comment!



1. Please see our Legal page for disclaimer relating to registered trademarks and intellectual property.